Realm Names

Overview of Realm Digital Objects (Realm Name Service)

This section describes how to mint a special type of Atomical digital object called a Realm. You can query and search Realm names on

-> What is a _Realm_?

Realm Names are human-readable identifiers which can be used to associate network addresses and resource information. A Realm name begins with the plus + sign and has at least one alphabetical character, such as +alice and +agent007 which are both valid names (top-level-realms or TLRs) in the Realm Name System (RNS). Realm names are self-owned and self-managed directly on the Bitcoin blockchain using the Atomicals Digital Object format — which basically means that there is no middle man or centralized registrar. Once you claim a name, it's yours forever or until you transfer it to someone else.

Mint Realm

Before using the commands below you must first create a local wallet using the wallet-init command. For convenience the commands.

Step 1. Download and Install atomicals-js CLI

Download and install the atomicals-js CLI.

git clone
cd atomicals-js
npm install
npm run build

Step 2. Wallet Initialize

The purpose of the wallet is to create p2tr (pay-to-taproot) spend scripts and to receive change from the transactions made for the various operations. Do not put more funds than you can afford to lose, as this is still beta!

To initialize a new wallet.json file that will store your address for receiving change use the wallet-init command.

npm run cli wallet-init


Wallet created at wallet.json
phrase: maple maple maple maple maple maple maple maple maple maple maple maple
Legacy address (for change): 1FXL2CJ9nAC...u3e9Evdsa2pKrPhkag
Derive Path: m/44'/0'/0'/0/0
WIF: L5Sa65gNR6QsBjqK.....r6o4YzcqNRnJ1p4a6GPxqQQ

Step 3. Mint Realm

The basic format to mint a Realm name using the Atomicals CLI is:

npm run cli mint-realm "myrealmname"

Optional flags:

The realm mint function mint-realm allows minting for Realm myrealmname as long as you are the first to claim it.

Follow the on-screen instructions to pay and mint.

Required Parameters:

realmname: The globally unique realm name

Optional Flags:


Set the satoshis per byte for the transaction and override the default.

Step 4. Query Realm name

You must wait 3 confirmations for the name to be claimed and registered correctly. After it is claimed, you can query the realm name with the command:

npm run cli get +myrealmname

You may also query and search Realm names on

Step 5. Query global feed (optional)

You can query the global feed of registered Realms and Atomicals:

npm run cli list
⚡ Get started and mint your first Atomical Digital Object

Download and install the Atomicals Javascript CLI tool and follow the quick start instructions to mint your NFT, Collection, or Realm name in less than 2 minutes.


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