Payname Format

Send and receive crypto with human readable payment names powered by the Atomicals Realms Protocol.

Format Convention


+ is always required at the front to denote it is a Realm user recipient

inbox: The name of the inbox associated with the Realm payment name

@ is required to indicate the inbox is located at the Realm

realm_name: The fully qualified Realm or Subrealm name



Note: The inbox can be data representing the cryptocurrencies or payment methods accepted there, it can also be configured to delegate to another NFT to handle the data updates.

On-Chain Data Object Format

To see how to store the data for a Realm, consider the following format layout for a Realm/NFT.

  "paynames": {
    "delegate": "atom:btc:id:<atomical_id>/paynames",
    "hello": {
      "delegate": "atom:btc:id:<atomical_id>/paynames/hello"
    "main": {
      "types": {
         "btc": {
           "value": "bitcoin btc address"
         "ltc": {
           "value": "litecoin ltc address",
           "notes": "optional notes",
           "instructions": "optional instructions"


paynames: The top level field that will store the paynames settings and configuration data for the Realm, which can contain additional keys which will identify the inboxes. Only characters /a-z0-9\./ should be considered valid. Maximum 64 character names.

types: The tickers for the various cryptocurrencies and payment types accepted

delegate: It is possible to delegate the entire pay names available for a Realm to an NFT, and it is also possible to delegate an individual inbox. When delegate is set at the top directly underneath paynames field, then it takes precedence and the rest of the data is ignored (since the entire paynames settings are delegated elsewhere)

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