Permanent File Storage

Store files and data immutably for the scenarios when it's not needed to create a dynamic Atomical Digital Object

Example: Storing Immutable Image File on Chain

Using the command line utility, execute the following command to set the data for a sample image file. Use the store-file command line (dat operation on chain) to specify the path to the file and the on-chain filename ("image.png" is the desired target name in the example below)
// immutably store an image on-chain to reference in the container metadata
npm run cli store-file ./path/to/image.png image.png --satsbyte=10
Success sent tx: db8a761ed493627138c5733071558c4caa65912c5cba3e1061c02d6d7933461f
"success": true,
"data": {
"commitTxid": "b57bad8c0b7f58a552574fafc16b6efbbb3bf966b9ccfb24f03580f9462b5997",
"revealTxid": "db8a761ed493627138c5733071558c4caa65912c5cba3e1061c02d6d7933461f",
"dataId": "db8a761ed493627138c5733071558c4caa65912c5cba3e1061c02d6d7933461fi0"
We will use the reveal location (db8a761ed493627138c5733071558c4caa65912c5cba3e1061c02d6d7933461fi0) to refer to the image image.png below.
Now that the file is on chain, use the recursion and references URN syntax to refer to the file.